Tough at the Top | book

Tough at the Top | book

Tough at the Top | book


Tough at the Top follows the story of a naive new circus owner as he learns first-hand what it takes to be an engaging leader.

Adam has always dreamed of owning a circus. But when he becomes the new ringmaster of the Starlight Circus, he has to contend with an anxious tiger-tamer, a frustrated carousel owner, a delinquent trick-rider, a knife-thrower who hates his partner, and a troupe of clowns who work strictly to rule.

Fortunately, Adam has a guardian angel in the shape of the Starlight Circus fortune-teller. Her wise advice helps him steer the circus from the brink of disaster, towards an exciting and prosperous new future…

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You’ve probably noticed that Employee Engagement has been big news in business for quite a while now, and with good reason.

Organisations with highly engaged employees significantly outperform those with less engaged employees in just about every performance measurement imaginable.

One thing in particular that highly performing businesses have in common though, is well-defined leadership habits. Numerous research and studies into employee engagement confirm that inspiring and motivational leadership behaviours are critical for creating a great place to work – and revolutionising the bottom line.

Using a fun, engaging and relatable metaphor, this un-put-downable business book is an essential read for any people manager who wants simple and accessible guidance on how to become a truly exceptional leader.

If you’re looking to:

  • Create a vision, mission and values that inspires your people to always go the extra mile
  • Build-in development opportunities that really bring the best out of everyone
  • Demonstrate the right behaviours that will encourage positive action from your employees
  • Or build an environment that supports innovation and creativity

…then why aren’t you already reading this book?



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