PRINT® Reports (to be debriefed by an accredited PRINT® Coach)

PRINT® Reports (to be debriefed by an accredited PRINT® Coach)

PRINT® Reports (to be debriefed by an accredited PRINT® Coach)


Selecting the number of PRINT® reports you require will assign them to your companies account within 1 working day. From there your accredited PRINT® coach will be able to send out the PRINT® Survey(s) as required. Please make sure you liaise with your PRINT® coach directly for this.

Once the survey has been completed your coach will have access to the PRINT® Report. Each report must be debriefed by an accredited coach, either 1-1 or as part of a group Discovery workshop.

Please note, PRINT® reports cannot be generated / provided without a debrief from an accredited coach which may in some cases incur additional costs. Please take this into account when ordering your PRINT® Reports.

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The Survey that generates the report:

The PRINT® Survey is a proprietary, dynamic online instrument that identifies your PRINT®. What makes this self-assessment so accurate is no two people take the same survey. Each new question is selected based on how you answered the previous question. Your PRINT® report outlines your Unconscious Motivators, revealing how you act when these are satisfied (your Best Self) and not satisfied (your Shadow Self). You also receive a tailored Trigger Report. This report uncovers the environmental factors – others’ actions and the situations you encounter – that can feel like an ‘attack’ on your Unconscious Motivators and bring out your Shadow tendencies.

The PRINT® Survey groups your personality traits (along with the WHYs behind these traits) into nine categories. Each one encompasses a unique way of thinking, feeling and behaving, a unique view of the world, and a unique set of strengths and potential weaknesses.

You may see parts of yourself in some or even all the groupings. However, two always fit you better than the rest – these are called your Major (dominant) and Minor (secondary). The combination of your Major and Minor make up your up your PRINT®.


The survey will produce a report detailing your PRINT®.

You have two categories of Unconscious Motivators® that drive your actions – a Major and Minor Unconscious Motivator. These motivations (of a possible 72 combinations) provide the foundation for WHY you do what you do, say what you say, and think what you think. The PRINT® Survey is designed to uncover your two Unconscious Motivators and reveal your unique set of Best Self and potential Shadow behaviours, which are the direct results of your Unconscious Motivators® at work. Your Unconscious Motivators®, your Best Self behaviours and your potential Shadow traits are collectively known as your PRINT®.


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