Conversation Cards

Conversation Cards

Conversation Cards

Stimulate productive debate and gain genuine insight into the level of employee engagement in your organisation with these quick and handy conversation cards.

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Over 15 unique Conversation Cards designed to stimulate productive discussion and debate

Our Conversation Cards are specially designed to give people managers and business leaders a genuine insight into the level of engagement within their organisations.

Concise, succinct, yet incredibly enlightening, our Conversation Cards are built around the four pillars of employee engagement (What I Feel, What I Experience, What I Believe and What I Know) and allow for an unparalleled understanding of employee perceptions of engagement, benchmarked against industry standards taken from the latest research and data.

Designed to support you in having collaborative, engaging conversations with your employees, each Conversation Card contains three questions based around the four pillars of employee engagement, which you can tailor according to the particular theme you want to explore.

Questions like,

‘On a scale of 1-10, how well do you understand our purpose?’,

‘Only 34% of disengaged employees think their ideas and suggestions matter. Do you feel yours matter here?’

‘Is there anything that your senior leaders/managers can do to help you understand more about how your contributions are enabling us to achieve our goals?’.

The Conversation Cards will help you to stimulate effective discussion and debate about what matters most in your business. And if you haven’t got the time for an extended conversation, not to worry – just limit the number of questions you ask!


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