2018 Report: How Internal Communicators can help leaders communicate & engage

2018 Report: How Internal Communicators can help leaders communicate & engage

2018 Report: How Internal Communicators can help leaders communicate & engage


Featuring insights from 50 global internal communications experts, this brand-new report is a golden melting pot of insights, advice and best practice to help you transform your senior leaders and managers into exceptional communicators.

This report brings together the very best in advice, ideas inspiration and insights to form a must-read resource for any IC professional looking to transform leadership communication success in their organisation. Take a look inside here.


Whether it’s advising and guiding senior leaders on how to inspire the bottom line with a compelling vision, purpose, and mission; plugging line manager communication skills gaps to help them hold better conversations with their teams; or simply trying to justify the importance of communication in the workplace to those at the top, improving the success and impact of leadership communication is a challenge that IC folk can’t seem to crack.

An unbelievable 87% of employees don’t feel their senior leaders communicate effectively with the organisation, and ‘poor line manager communication’ has been rated as the number-one challenge impeding internal comms success every year – for the last 10 years!

Clearly, we need some new and effective leadership communication strategies if we’re to stand any chance in turning these statistics around. And who better to light the way – than those on the frontlines making it a reality?

So we put this question to our fellow internal communicators everywhere:

How can Internal Communicators help to give senior leaders and line managers the skills and knowledge to communicate and engage effectively?

With contributions from internal comms experts from all over the world – including the UK, Sweden, Argentina, the Netherlands, Canada, Latvia, South Africa, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, India, America and Spain – you’ll have access to a diverse range of unique insights, tactics, and best practice advice, to help you tackle leadership communication challenges in your own organisation and facilitate effective conversations between leaders, line managers and employees.

It’s the ultimate must-have resource for every internal communicator’s toolkit – download your copy today!


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