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    How to communicate with Impact while working remotely infographic
    How to communicate with Impact while working remotely infographic

    How to communicate effectively while working remotely | Infographic


    Did you know that 90% of people say having the camera on while video conferencing helps them to get their point across easier?

    It’s just one important point worth remembering as we all grapple with a brand new normal amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic.

    This IC FIeld Guide has been created for both seasoned professionals and home-working newbies to better connect with colleagues (or customers!) that have different communication styles and preferences.

    There are three simple personas, underpinned by PRINT® – a tool designed to enhance individual and team performance by unveiling the drivers that influence how we connect with others.

    Do you know a commander? A collaborator? Or a challenger?

    Download this free resource to find out! Discover how to build stronger, more effective connections with your colleagues – no matter where they’re based.

  • PRINT® Reports (to be debriefed by an accredited PRINT® Coach)

    Selecting the number of PRINT® reports you require will assign them to your companies account within 1 working day. From there your accredited PRINT® coach will be able to send out the PRINT® Survey(s) as required. Please make sure you liaise with your PRINT® coach directly for this.

    Once the survey has been completed your coach will have access to the PRINT® Report. Each report must be debriefed by an accredited coach, either 1-1 or as part of a group Discovery workshop.

    Please note, PRINT® reports cannot be generated / provided without a debrief from an accredited coach which may in some cases incur additional costs. Please take this into account when ordering your PRINT® Reports.