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    How to communicate effectively while working remotely | Infographic


    Did you know that 90% of people say having the camera on while video conferencing helps them to get their point across easier?

    It’s just one important point worth remembering as we all grapple with a brand new normal amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic.

    This IC FIeld Guide has been created for both seasoned professionals and home-working newbies to better connect with colleagues (or customers!) that have different communication styles and preferences.

    There are three simple personas, underpinned by PRINT® – a tool designed to enhance individual and team performance by unveiling the drivers that influence how we connect with others.

    Do you know a commander? A collaborator? Or a challenger?

    Download this free resource to find out! Discover how to build stronger, more effective connections with your colleagues – no matter where they’re based.

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    2019 Report: The impact of Internal Communications on Employee Wellbeing

    Terms like employee engagement, employee wellbeing and even internal communications weren’t widely used inside organisations until fairly recently. But did we really need this terminology to know that it was desirable for people to feel valued, recognised, and connected with their organisation?

    Delve into this hot-off-the-press report from H&H and find definitive proof that effective internal comms not only has a significant impact on the bottom line – but on employee engagement, health and wellbeing too
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    2018 Report: How Internal Communicators can help leaders communicate & engage

    Featuring insights from 50 global internal communications experts, this brand-new report is a golden melting pot of insights, advice and best practice to help you transform your senior leaders and managers into exceptional communicators.

    This report brings together the very best in advice, ideas inspiration and insights to form a must-read resource for any IC professional looking to transform leadership communication success in their organisation. Take a look inside here.
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    Get the whole set of Infographics

    With 160+ stats in total, this is the essential reference bank for every IC and leadership professional. Includes must-know insights on change management, internal comms & employee engagement and leadership development.

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  • H&H Storytelling Cards front and back

    Storytelling Cards (pack of 32)


    Supercharge your storytelling skills through the power of visual metaphors with our creative and versatile Storytelling Cards.

    With 32 beautiful designs, this pack of cards are an ideal launch pad for a huge number of activities to stimulate constructive storytelling in the workplace, in an education setting or even at home with friends and family.

    As featured in Printweek, read the article here.


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